2014 Category Challenge.

by Lily Wren


I used to love reading books and would get through at least one a week. I used to love buying books too. Over the years I have become more internet dependent. You’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, reading online newspapers, blogs, stumbledupon etc sites which seems to fill my spare days or evenings. I am an internet fan. So much so, I think it has affected my brain which, at 42, is starting to become a little more forgetful. I’m not sure if it’s my internet use or my having to hold more information in my brain over the years or a combination of these things, but my attention and concentration span is less and less and I also find it difficult to form a coherent sentence at times. I have also discovered I find it hard to focus on any one particular thing and so reading a book has gone by the wayside.

I plan to change this in 2014. I need to use it or lose it and so I am going to read….. books. I think my brain worked better when I wasn’t as switched on to the internet as much and I want, no I NEED, to strike a balance. I love the internet and think it can be an extremely useful tool be that for education, developing knowledge, entertainment or socialising with others and so I would never cast it aside completely. In fact the idea for my 2014 challenge came from a website which I have been part of for some years now called LibraryThing. The site itself is great for keeping a record of all your books, finding new books and joining in discussions with other book folks. I’ve joined a group called the 2014 Category Challenge which has inspired me to dust off all my unread books and start planning for 2014.  In fact, I have already started reading one of my chosen books early. I was wondering what on earth I could use this blog for (other than speaking to myself) and now I aim to use it to keep a record of my 2014 challenge whilst adding a few moans and mumbles here and there.

For my 2014 challenge I have set a realistic goal of reading 2 books from each of the 14 self imposed categories which are very simple and straight forward. I already have all the books chosen and in my collection waiting to be read. There will be 2 books from:

1. SF Masterworks Series
2. Fantasy
3. Dystopia
4. Mystery
5. Psychology (non-fiction)
6. Classic Literature
7. Memoir/Biography
8. Germany 30s/40s (fiction)
9. Scandinavian Authors
10. Asian Authors
11. Contemporary British Fiction
12. Hugo Award Winners
13. Booker Award Winners
14. The Unfinished (I started but never finished)

I’ll keep a record of the books here which have been started and finished. I’m not so ambitious at this moment in time to think I could provide ‘academic-like’ reviews here. They’ll just be the ‘gut instinct’ comments one has straight after reading a book. If I keep it simple I’m more likely to achieve it.

And so, on to 2014 which will hopefully bring reading of books, *slightly* less time on the internet and a renewed sense of focus, attention and direction. I’m sure Candy Crush will still come into it somewhere though….