Hello World…..

by Lily Wren


And what a world we have.
I think we took a wrong turn somewhere around 1979.
There must be another earth somewhere which took the right turn and is showing loving kindness to one and all.
If so, and you know where it is, can you beam me aboard?

Before then…

I was barely walking when I understood the world as it is.
I cut the hair off my Girls’ World.
I wombled along with Uncle Bulgaria.
I hid under the sheets whilst the hot water bottle leaked.

Sights and sounds frightened me as Jack Frost attacked my window.
I cut the hair off Barbies’ horse.
I could never climb aboard a Spacehopper.
I hid in the garden whilst the grass grew 6 feet high.

I was nearly struck by lightening as I ran to school.
I cut off my own hair.
I couldn’t paint, draw or sing.
I sat quite still, invisible to the world.

I fell off a slide when I was 6 and never came back.
I had concussion and needed stitches.
I must have been transported to another Earth.
And it’s falling apart at the seams.

Quick someone hand me a needle and thread….
and smile….